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Crane Lifting and Crane Hire

Elevate your glass installations to new heights with Complete Glass premium crane hire and crane lifting service. Our dedicated team, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, offers seamless crane hire solutions for all your glass lifting needs. From intricate designs to large-scale projects, trust us to handle every aspect with precision and expertise. Experience peace of mind knowing your installations are in safe and capable hands.


Model MC405CRM
Crane capacity 3.83t x 2.7m
Max. working radius 16m
Max. lifting height 16.8m
Hook speed 10m / min. (18.0m / min.) (4 falls, 4th layer)
Single line speed 40m / min. (72.0m / min.) (4th layer)
Hoist rope IWRC 6 x WS(26) 8mm x 95m
Telescopic system 4.735m – 16.475m
11.7m / 54.2 sec (41.3sec)
Fully automatic 5 section pentagonal telescopic boom
Boom hoist system 0° – 80° / 24.5 sec (17.0 sec)
Slew system 360° / 2.5 rpm (2.1 rpm)


Model MC305C-2
Crane capacity 2.98t x 2.5m
Max. working radius 12.16m
Max. lifting height 12.52m
Hook speed 13.5m / min. (4 falls, 4th layer)
Single line speed 54m / min. (4th layer)
Hoist rope IWRC 6 x WS(26) 8mm x 73m
Telescopic system 3.695m – 12.485m
8.79m / 38 sec. (26 sec.)
Fully automatic 5 section pentagonal telescopic boom
Boom hoist system 0° – 80° / 24.5 sec (14.5 sec.)
Slew system 360° / 2.4 rpm (1.7 rpm)


Model GHM 600
Dimensions HxWxD (with extentions) 850mm(1280)x960mm(1880mm)x1280mm
Powered Movement Head unit: Up and Down 60 degrees, Pad frame: rotation 95 degrees, Head slew: Left and
Right 40 degrees
Vacuum System Dual circuit vacuum with 2 pumps and 2 vacuum tanks
Weight of lifter 170kg
Pad Dimensions 4x400mm // 8x400mm
Description • SLL 300kg (4 pads) // 600kg (8 pads)
• Rotating, swivelling and tilting functions are all
remote controlled
• Voltage pump: 24DC, 2 rechargable batteries
• Vacuum gauge for each circuit
• Audio and visual low vacuum alert
• Attachment for mini-crane, extention arms avaliable


Min Glass Size 150kg – 2 cups diagonal on main frame 1000mm x 400mm
300kg – 4 cups on main frame 850mm x 750mm
300kg – 4 cups inline (2 cups on extensions/2 on main frame) 2200mm x 500mm
600kg – 8 cups (4 on main frame/4 on extensions) 1900mm x 1400mm
Max Glass Size 2000mm x 2200mm (with cups on main frame)
3000mm x 5000mm (with extension arms)
Lift Capacity 600kg
Total Rig Weight 75kg
Rig Size 705mm (Height) x 808mm (Width) x 200mm (Depth)
Tilt Manual – 90 degrees
Rotate Manual – 360 degrees
Description • Safe Working Load 600kg
• Hydraulic tilt assist
• Dual vacuum pumps
• Quick release pads and vacuum lines for easy configuration
• Direct lifting eye on frame to assist lifting overhangs and vertical hanging
• 190mm deep frame for working between structure and scaffold
• Audio-visual low vacuum alert


Min Glass Size 1400mm x 380mm(300kg)/ 2350mm  x 380mm (450kg)
Min Glass Width 380mm
Max Glass Size 1500mm x 4000mm
Lift Capacity 300kg (4 cups) / 450kg (6 cups)
Total Rig Weight 45kg
Rig Size 2310mm (Length) x 330mm (Width) x 190mm (Depth)
Tilt Manual – 90 degrees (with hydraulic tilt assist to hold load at any angle)
Rotate Manual – 360 degrees unlimited, locks in every 45 degrees
Description • An Excellent lightweight in-line vaccum lifter with options of 450kg 6 pads/ 300kg 4 pads
• Short eye hook for glazing under soffits / overhangs. Ideal for overlights
• Cabled remote control with two button suction release for added safety
• Transport box for easier manouvrability
• Low vacuum alert
• Dual circuit 2 pumps, 2 Vacuum tanks


Rig Size 2800mm (Length) x 750mm (Width) x 1740mm(Height)
Total Rig Weight 1995kg
Lift Capacity 2820kg at 1.4m
Max. working radius 8.205m x 0.15t
Max. lifting height 8.7m
Battery Type Lithium Titanate Battery
Charging Time 80%: 2h 20min /100%: 3h 30min
Description • Crane Capacity 2.8t x 1.4m
• 4 Fall / 2 Fall Hook Block
• Max Lifting Height 8.7m
• Max working radius 8.205 x 0.15t
• Lithium-ion Battery
• Continuous Operation While Charging


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Heather Rollo

“We used Campbell and his company Complete Glass to replace all our windows in our apartment in Wollstonecraft. His professional service is first class. He recommended the right product of glass which has proved to be brilliant for our apartment. Complete Glass are competitive in their pricing and reliable in their service. 5 stars for Complete Glass.”

Omar Rutherford

"The point of difference with Complete Glass is that they are super organised. What struck me in the first two or three weeks was the level of communication that he had, and the knowledge that he had about the jobs. It wasn’t just another job to get a subcontractor to do, it was all about the result at the end and ensuring the client was really happy, as well as making sure the glazing did the windows justice."

John Ellis

"With Campbell, the line of communication was really easy, he responded to every question that we had, and he was able to come to us with solutions for what we had to do.

This is the first time we have worked with Campbell and it has been a great experience. We look forward to working with him again in the future - consider him a part of the team now."

Katrina Long

"Our business wouldn't be the same without Complete Glass's reliable and top-notch services. Thank you!"

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"I recently had a glass door installed by Complete Glass and I couldn't be happier with the results. The team was incredibly efficient and professional throughout the entire project. I was impressed by their attention to detail and commitment to ensuring the final product exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Complete Glass to anyone looking for top-notch glass installation services."

Ava Davis

"I recently used Complete Glass for the installation of a new shower enclosure and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. The team was professional, knowledgeable and completed the job efficiently. The quality of the materials used was top-notch and has transformed my bathroom into a luxurious spa-like experience. I would highly recommend Complete Glass to anyone looking for reliable and quality glass installation services."

Brian Sutton

“I just wanted to shout out Complete Glass for their amazing work installing new windows in my home. These guys were on-time, super friendly, and real pros when it came to the job. They really listened to what I wanted and made sure to deliver even better than I could have imagined. The end result is just fantastic - my home is now brighter, more stylish, and way more energy-efficient. If you're looking for top-notch glass installation, these are the folks to call - hands down!"

Mia Anderson

"I recently had the pleasure of working with the talented team at Complete Glass for the installation of custom windows in my home. I must say, they were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I highly recommend Complete Glass for anyone seeking top-notch glass installation services."

Discover the solutions you're looking for with our insightful FAQs. Find answers to all your questions about our services.

Are your windows environmentally friendly?

Yes, our windows won’t have an impact on the environment once fitted. They are also 100% recyclable.

I've just broken a window, what should I do?

Don’t panic, keep everyone away from the window and areas where the glass may have fallen. We’re available 24/7 if this occurs. Reach out to one of our team members at 1300 147 247.

How much will it cost?

Always one of the first questions we get asked. Depending on your request the pricing structure will change. We offer fast quotes and if you wish, you can request a quote here.

What areas do you service?

We offer our services throughout Sydney, whether it be in the city or a smaller quiet suburb.

Can glass scratches be removed?

It is possible, however we offer very competitive pricing and it may be cheaper to replace it entirely.

Are your glazing contractors qualified?

Yes. Our team are qualified and licensed. To request information on the registered names, please contact us.

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If you have a different question that you’d like answered, or just want to get in touch about our capabilities, give our friendly team a call on 1300 147 247.

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