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If you live in Sydney and need to replace your glass windows, it is important to be aware of what glazing is. Primarily people believe that this is something you do to your windows in order to make them more energy efficient.

Windows comes in all different styles and types, but Glazing actually refers to the glass itself that is installed within the frame. This is usually with single or dual pane sheets.

If you need energy efficient windows, at Complete Glass we can help deliver and install the best glass sheets at the most competitve prices. If you want to ensure your home is sealed up completely, you can even opt to install a triple glaze that will fit in between the two panes.

Does Complete Glass Recommend Glazing Your Windows?

One of the best things you can to do maximize the energy efficiency of your home is glazing the property windows. Aside from doors, poorly functioning windows are usually the biggest culprits for heat loss. If you have an older home or if you’ve only recently moved into a new property your windows might need to be reglazed. This could be for a wide range of factors such as, if the glass has been damaged or cracked in any way, you can be sure that something will need to be done sooner or later. If you have a cracked or damaged glass window it is always better to fix the problem as quickly as possible. This is because glass can be dangerous and you do not want it to break and shatter and potentially cause anymore harm. If the glass is cracked or warped, this is a sure sign that you should contact Complete Glass to come and inspect the window and see if a window replacement or reglazing will need to be performed.

To be clear, the majority of reglazing jobs are actually performed on glass windows that have reached a point of decay rather than windows that are damaged. Glass Windows do have an expiration date and when that time comes you should contact Complete Glass to make sure you get them reglazed properly.

So What Is Involved In A Reglaze By Complete Glass?

Well a reglaze can mean a few different things. It does not only mean installing ones that have multiple panes of glass. Most glass can be tinted as well, which entails having a coat of clear film present to block out light and even further save on energy costs.

Depending on what Sydney Glazing work needs to be performed you will probably want to hire a professional glazier like Complete Glass to the job for you. As glazing experts we know that many older homes have windows that simply cannot be replaced. Homeowners will often want to preserve the character and style of the era, which can pose an issue when the glass itself needs to be reglazed. You can either have someone come to the job at your home, or you can send your windows in to a firm that specializes in reglazing services.

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