Complete Glass has been delivering premium glazing solutions to Sydney for over 10 years!

Complete Glass Projects works closely with Sydney trading companies to give you the most appropriate glass for your business.

Vision 3 are loyal and cherished clients of Complete Glass, and what they have to say displays the passion and commitment we strive for:

Michelle Hurley, Account Manager at Vision 3

“We’ve got clients where they, you know, ring us up and thank us. For using such a great company such as Complete Glass. And that reflects really well on us as window endorsed suppliers.

The point of difference with Complete Glass, is that they are super organised. What struck me in those first sort of, two or three weeks was the level of communication that he had and the knowledge that he had about the jobs. It wasn’t just another job get a subbie to do. It was all about actually having the result at the end, was that the client was really happy and that the glazing did the window justice.

Lisa works for Campbell and, she is always updating us with what’s happening. Whether it’s… “Yes we’ve ordered the glass,” “we’ve booked in for this day”


Omar Rutherford, Director at Vision 3

“We first started to work with Campbell and Complete Glass about three and a half, four years ago. Along the way of fifteen years, we’ve obviously had a lot of glaziers that, we’ve employed on and off. I dare say probably about half a dozen at least. Campbell is by far the most professional.

When Campbell’s involved especially in the sight glazing aspect of it. More importantly it’s probably the high end housing that we do, on the beaches. He does what he says he’s going to do. He’s always on time and does a great job.”


Campbell very proudly had this to say in response:

“I love working with Vision 3, because our communication is so clear. We get to talk everyday by phone or text or email, and Michelle and Omar just are always looking to improve the system for their clients. Making sure that their clients are happy at the end of the day. And they’re always happy to take on some suggestions. If it’s to install larger glass or use a crane for better safer installations, it’s never a problem.”


Watch the below video to learn more about Complete Glass as Trade Suppliers:




About Complete Glass – 

Complete Glass has been delivering premium glazing solutions to Sydney for over 10+ years! Starting out in Western Sydney, we quickly grew and begun servicing the inner West and then central Sydney. Our commitment to quality finishes, professional craftsmanship and friendly service has seen our business grow rapidly in the past five years. We would love to hear from you and help with any glazing project you may have in mind. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via 1300 147 247 or alternatively you can email us via our contact form >