Complete Glass are Sydney’s leading glaziers.

We work closely with home owners, decorators, business owners, architects and building contractors to give you the best quality glass for your home or business in Sydney. Our team of expert Sydney glaziers can help to overcome and handle your glass installation and replacement needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Complete Glass have worked on a wide variety of glazing projects all throughout Sydney. Take a look at some of our previous works here.

Compliance with Australian Standard AS1288

Glass can be a very dangerous product, therefore all Complete Glass installations comply with the requirements of Australian Standard AS1288. This standard is regularly updated and requires glaziers to stay updated with the code.

The main priority of having broken glass fixed is having it done safely and complying with the current Australian standards. Our team highly recommends to not fixing glass yourself, glass is much like electrical work, one small mistake can lead to serious injuries. Glass can pierce through the skin and sever ligaments or tendons resulting in surgery, and up to a 3-month recovery.

Types of Glass

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is commonly used as a safety glass when security and injury are of concern. Laminated glass is composed of two pieces of glass with an inner layer usually made of polyvinyl butyral. If the glass is somehow broken, the shards remain stuck to the inner layer rather then shattering and causing potential injury.

Uses for Laminated Glass

In addition to it’s use on windows and doors, laminated glass is often utilised in the construction of glass railings, glass floors, skylights, roofs, curtain walls, awnings and glass facades, among other applications. Laminated glass is ideal for the glass awnings in commercial buildings because it remains unbroken when damaged. Laminated glass can be utilised in airport terminals, hotels, and recording studios because of its noise-insulating capabilities.

Benefits of Laminated Glass

  • Noise Insulation: Noise pollution is limited when a thick piece of laminated glass is installed because sound waves are disrupted as they pass through the material.
  • Energy Efficiency:  glass can assist reduce heat input from the sun, allowing for less frequent usage of air conditioning and lower emissions.
  • Increased Safety: Because the glass doesn’t shatter when broken, shards of glass are less likely to hurt or injure people who happen to be around the damaged area.
  • Protection from the Elements: When natural catastrophes occur, laminated glass will remain in its frame, minimising the likelihood of accidents and making a life-threatening scenario significantly safer.
  • Range of Designs: Laminated glazing comes in a variety of colours, tones and tints, and it can be either straight or curved for a more varied look.

Ordinary Float Glass

Float glass is the standard glass you’ll see in most homes and commercial properties. Modern windows are made from float glass. It’s known for its flatness and simplicity.

Uses for Float Glass

More than 80–85 percent of global float glass output is used in the construction industries. In modern construction, float glass is used for smaller windows in domestic housing, whereas larger windows are made from toughened glasses. Glass is used for windows for both functional and aesthetic purposes, allowing the occupants to see out and at the same time allowing light to enter.


Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is commonly used in glass repair work, its main reason is used in most homes and commercial properties are its safety and strength. Although toughened glass is 5x stronger than that of normal glass it still can break. If the toughened glass is broken, the glass shatters into many smaller pieces. This is rather harmless compared with larger shards of broken glass.


Looking to install a double glazed window in Sydney?

Let Sydney’s leading glaziers tell you what you need to know.

When double glazing windows are installed, some of the heat from the glass is lost to the surrounding environment and the windows become cold. When there are windows in a room that does not have winter heating installed, the space will get cold even when it is only 10°C. Double glazed windows help to fight this issue as there are multiple layers of insulation. Double glazed windows keep heat in. The more heat is contained within the material, the warmer it is. If there is not enough heat in a material to maintain a comfortable temperature, that is referred to as thermal degradation. This can lead to sagging in the window frames and even rotting.

A double glazed window assist in reducing noise by blocking out light. This is due to the windows forming a barrier from sound waves. A double glazed window also assists in reducing heat by blocking heat radiated through it. In some circumstances, double glazed windows can help reduce noise by 10 dB. Double glazed windows block out heat and light. The windows are usually between 3-8mm thick and have a heavy or double set of panes.

Windows are the most essential factor in heating efficiency and, therefore, in the fuel usage. Glazed windows allow the full effect of sunlight in summer and block it during winter, making them extremely efficient when considering energy usage, and ideal for achieving comfort in the home or business all year round.

Sydney’s Leading Commercial Glazier

Complete Glass is currently involved with a number of strata companies, schools, nursing homes and construction companies across Sydney.

As Sydney’s leading glaziers, we offer a wide range of professional and personalised glazing solutions to our commercial partners including:

  • Emergency Glass replacement and securing of premises
  • Shopfront (plate) glass
  • Glass roofs
  • Safety and security glass
  • Aluminum doors and window
  • Commercial closures, pivots and hinges
  • Glass partitions
  • Frameless glass
  • Curtain walls

Glass Roofs

Take advantage of natural light. Glass roofs allow much more natural light to illuminate any area while keeping the unwanted parts out. Complete Glass has worked on a wide variety of glass roof projects in homes, commercial buildings, and more.


Shopfront glass and frames are cut, fabricated, and installed to suit your individual security and aesthetic requirements. This is a highly specialised process, which we take great pride in. We arrange all commercial jobs to suit the needs of your business, whether that’s being on-site at 6 am, or sourcing specialised decals for your shopfront.

Safety And Security Glass

Safety Glass: Secure yourself and your property. Complete Glass safety glass is a specialised glass much stronger and sturdier than that of normal glass. Safety glass is much less likely to break or be broken into.

Security Glass: Composed of two pieces of glass and bonded together. When broken, fragments stick to the inner layer and remain in place.

Specialised Glazing Solutions

We design and install glass roofs (including gables, skillions and curved roofs), partitions, frameless glass, and curtain walls of all shapes, sizes, and glass types. You’ll work with our project manager to ensure your glazing solution is specific to your exact needs and installed by our skilled, lifelong glazing team.
For a personalised, cost-effective, and fully compliant glazing solution, call us on 1300 147 247.