Complete Glass has over a decade of experience as expert glaziers in Blacktown, and have been faced with all kinds of glass and glazing projects. Requests we get on a weekly basis from Blacktown homeowners and business owners include emergency glass repairs, glass roof installations, shopfront glass installations and so much more. 

The expert team at Complete Glass have all been highly trained with years of experience dealing with all glazing projects. Whatever the project and its difficulty, we can plan quickly and have it completed in an appropriate schedule. 

Complete Glass are experts at working quickly and with an eye for detail. Due to the company’s outstanding work, Complete Glass has gained a reputation in Blacktown for its excellent service. 

What Complete Glass Provides in Blacktown

Complete Glass provides emergency glass repairs in Blacktown. We offer top quality glass installation services for residential and commercial properties. We have built our reputation as the industry leader in the Sydney glass repair industry.

24/7 Emergency Glass Replacement In Blacktown

With decades of experience in providing emergency glass services, don’t hesitate to call for prompt, professional and reliable service from the expert glaziers in Blacktown. 

Glass Installation In Blacktown

Complete Glass installation works are in compliance with the Australian Standard AS1288 and are carried out by our in-house trained expert glaziers in Blacktown. Contact us to learn more about the services our expert glaziers in Blacktown offer.

Glass Products In Blacktown

Our glazier services in Blacktown also include cutting. We can cut, repair, or install your mirrors, tabletops, shower screens, and more. Our trained glaziers in Blacktown can assist you in deciding which type of glass may be best suited to your needs.

Complete Glass offers specialised glass cutting in Blacktown for all specifications and purposes needed. We can also install glass for a tinted-look or for protection. 

Commercial Glazing Services In Blacktown

Complete Glass has over a decade of experience installing and repairing glass in Blacktown. We have established our reliable and professional business locally. The commercial services provided include shop fronts, office partitions, balustrades, shower screens, and protective window films. Call us today to begin your glass projects with the expert glaziers in Blacktown!

Types of Glass The Expert Glaziers in Blacktown Choose to Work With


Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is commonly used as a safety glass when security and injury are of concern. Laminated glass is composed of two pieces of glass with an inner layer usually made of polyvinyl butyral. If the glass is somehow broken, the shards remain stuck to the inner layer rather than shattering and causing potential injury.

Ordinary Float Glass

Float glass is the standard glass you’ll see in most homes and commercial properties. Modern windows are made from float glass. It’s known for its flatness and simplicity.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is commonly used in glass repair work, its main reason it is used in most homes and commercial properties are its safety and strength. Although toughened glass is 5x stronger than that of normal glass it still can break. If the toughened glass is broken, the glass shatters into many smaller pieces. This is rather harmless compared with larger shards of broken glass. 

The Importance of Window Glazing In Blacktown

Having durable, strong and high quality glazing offers many advantages to commercial properties as well as homes. New window glazing is more energy efficient, saving you money on heating bills. Good quality windows will also make it easier to regulate the overall temperature of your building. Complete Glass knows how important window glazing is for Blacktown residential and commercial buildings. Come talk to Complete Glass today!

The First Impression

Shopfronts are the first impression a customer has of your business. It is therefore essential that it displays your business as high quality, professional and reputable. Shopfront glass is always exposed to dirty and dusty parts known to come from the road everyday. Therefore, it is important to periodically upgrade your window glazing. By contacting Complete Glass today, new glass can be made specifically for your shopfront building and we as a team will be using the highest quality materials.

Safety and Security

Owning a shopfront, your window  should be safe and strong. In the event of the glass being struck and damaged, our glass will permanently stay, splintered but intact, in place rather than shattering across your store and the road. This allows the individual time to call Complete Glass for a new window without exposing your storefront.

Call Complete Glass If You Are Living In Blacktown

Complete Glass has been delivering premium glazing solutions to Blacktown for over 10+ years! Starting in Western Sydney, we quickly grew and began servicing the Inner West and then Central Sydney. Our commitment to quality finishes, professional craftsmanship and friendly service has seen our business grow rapidly in the past five years. We would love to hear from you and help with any glazing project you may have in mind. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the expert glaziers in Blacktown on 1300 147 247.