Complete Glass has been providing commercial glazing to all buildings around Sydney for a number of years. Whether you own an office building or a store in a shopping centre, our professional team can install, repair or replace your glass. From glass office partitions to frameless glass doors, choose Complete Glass for your commercial glazing projects in Sydney.

Thanks to our industry experience, Complete Glass can offer commercial glass solutions to meet your needs, no matter how expansive or unique. You can trust us to use high-quality materials and tradesmen who know every aspect of their craft. Our team of trained and experienced glaziers, installers, sealers and fabricators are committed to providing an unrivalled quality of service. From large shopfronts and factory fit-outs to small window installations, we have completed various successful commercial products.

What is Commercial Glazing?


Commercial glazing is the process of installing window glazing to any commercial property. Almost every commercial property requires windows to some extent, whether it’s a small storefront or a multi-story office building, which is where commercial glazing comes into play. 

Due to the size and scale of most commercial properties, a different glazing process is required then that of residential properties. Not only is more glass required, but a much more complex installation process is needed, especially when installing a prominent fixture such as a curtain wall.

Therefore, a specialist field of glazing is necessary with commercial glazing. Our commercial glaziers that work on commercial projects require special equipment to ensure safe and secure installation, which is a necessary component due to health and safety regulations of a commercial property.


The Importance Of Commercial Glazing


Modern architecture relies heavily on glass for windows, doors, office partitions, walls, and balustrades. Glass is the material of choice for many reasons. 

  • Quality glass is a poor conductor of heat – Used on the walls of a building, it cools the building and leads to reducing energy costs.⁣
  • It allows natural light to enter a building – This provides light even when windows are closed, leading to a reduced level of energy used for lighting.⁣
  • It’s transparent – Allows customers to see your various products on display.⁣

While glass has several advantages over other materials for making walls, windows, and doors, it does have downsides that you should be aware of. It’s risky to operate your business if the glass front of your shop is smashed. To help you replace a smashed shop front, you need the services of an emergency glazing company. Complete Glass is an established business with suitable credentials and qualifications to handle these emergencies in Sydney.


Materials Used in Commercial Glazing


Commercial glazing shares many similarities with residential glazing, namely they both use a glass as their main material. However, commercial windows and glass fixtures often require a different type of glazing. For example, double and triple glazing is much more prevalent in commercial glazing. These materials offer high-quality thermal performance and enhanced acoustics, which are beneficial to a commercial property.

There are other materials available in commercial glazing beyond glass, namely plastic sheeting such as plexiglass. Plastic glazing offers a durable yet cost-effective material, with the materials being cheaper to import and install, leading to many businesses opting for this material. However, the traditional and most prevalent material for commercial applications is glass, which offers exceptional performance and unrivalled aesthetic.

Advantages of Commercial Glazing


There are many benefits gained from investing in commercial glazing on your property. For example, those working in office environments greatly benefit from increased natural light. A naturally light, well-lit room doesn’t require as much artificial lighting while also offering a nice environment to work in. With recent rises in inflation, business owners are cautious of every single cent spent through running their business. Investing in commercial glazing services from Complete Glass allows for energy saving benefits, resulting in reduced bills for your business.

Likewise, any retail property with large storefront glass enjoys plenty of natural light. This is an appealing prospect for shop front owners, while also making the store stand out due to the striking design of an all-glass storefront.

Another massive advantage of quality commercial glass is better thermal insulation. Whether an office, supermarket, or school, every commercial building is susceptible to internal heat loss. Good commercial glazing offers increased heat insulation and absorbs natural light for better heating, meaning it can reduce heating bills while also keeping a space cooler in warmer conditions.


Need More Information About Commercial Glazing, Contact Complete Glass If You’re Living In Sydney?


Complete Glass works closely with business owners, decorators, architects and building contractors to give you the most appropriate glass for your business. Our business is currently involved with a number of strata companies, schools, nursing homes and construction companies across Sydney. We offer a wide range of professional commercial glazing for all of our commercial partners. Contact us for more information and insight about commercial glazing and the services we can provide in Sydney.