Complete Glass has been delivering premium glazing solutions to Sydney for over 10+ years!

Our commitment to quality finishes, professional craftsmanship and friendly service has seen our business grow rapidly in the past five years.

The proud Project Manager, Campbell Hyde, had this to say:

“I love seeing how the finished product comes together with the glass and the natural light and knowing that we’ve created something special for their client. At Complete Glass, we offer the feel of a smaller company with the capacity to handle the major works. The moment that everything clicked for my purpose was when I became a father and the stresses of business changed because I went home and I realised that I was going through these day-to-day challenges for a reason, and the reason is to provide for my family. I want to leave my clients with the highest finish as I would leave it for my family.”

What our clients had to say about their experience with Complete Glass:

Michelle Hurley, Account Manager at Vision 3

“The point of difference with Complete Glass is that we are extremely organised. What struck me in those first sort of two or three weeks was the level of communication that he had and the knowledge that he had about the jobs. It wasn’t just another job get a subbie to do. It was all about actually having the result at the end, was that the client was really happy and that the glazing did the window justice.”

John Ellis, Builder at Structure Building

“Well looking at buildings we’ve got windows and we’ve got windows. So this is a window, it’s like a massive piece of glass. Not every company is going to have the capability of actually delivering this type of glass because there’s a lot of risk involved in it. For Campbell, he specialises in these pieces of glass. He’s able to deliver these, get them installed and bring them in on budget. That’s what I really liked about it.”

Heather Rollo, Homeowner

“When we had a big house in Turramurra and we had a very difficult window problem to solve and Campbell was like, yeah, can do attitude. And the one thing that I really loved about it was that he said to me, “we’ll make this look really nice”.

Campbell’s loving wife, Kelly Hyde, also had something beautiful to say:

“When I met Campbell, I noticed that he was a very driven person. He is very passionate, when he likes something he really goes for it, and he is very approachable. Campbell is an amazing dad. He loves making people happy. He loves hearing that recognition of people being satisfied with the job that he does and feeling proud of the work that he can say, oh, I did that.”

Watch a special Complete Glass video below:

About Complete Glass – 

Complete Glass has been delivering premium glazing solutions to Sydney for over 10+ years! Starting out in Western Sydney, we quickly grew and begun servicing the inner West and then central Sydney. Our commitment to quality finishes, professional craftsmanship and friendly service has seen our business grow rapidly in the past five years. We would love to hear from you and help with any glazing project you may have in mind. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via 1300 147 247 or alternatively you can email us via our contact form >